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Garden Design & Hardscaping

Garden Design and Hardscaping are the two basic elements from which your outdoor living spaces will be composed. Hardscaping includes beautiful patios and decorative walls that define spaces or create usable terraces if your property is sloped as many San Francisco parcels are. It may also include stairways that fit the contour of your land and connect one level to the next, and pathways to help you circulate from one area to the next. All of these elements may be built from a wide variety of natural and manufactured materials to suit your taste and budget. 

The spaces between and surrounding your hardscaping may be perfect areas for water-wise ornamental or food producing gardens. After consulting with you, the client, about your tastes and visions for your garden, and with consideration for the site microclimate, sunlight, slope,  and other characteristics, we will create a planting plan that enhances each space visually and ecologically. 

Both hardscape and garden spaces will be presented to you in 3D and 2D formats that will portray the look and feel of your completed landscape, so that changes can be made before beginning.


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