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Terraced San Francisco Backyard

This backyard started out as an empty, weedy, unuseable space that sloped steeply toward the house. The owners were fun loving people who were willing to go for something unique and artistic. We turned the yard into a five level extravaganza with unexpected twists of plot at every turn.

The lowest level became a clay-colored flagstone patio with a river of embedded pebbles meandering through it. A curved brick stairwway with a sculptured (by our sculptor) handrail brings you to the 2nd level, a stone patio with a lovely, fully appointed casita retreat house, an arbor with built-in seating, and a planted retaining wall. A brick stairway leading you back in the other direction takes you to level 3, where gaily colored horse troughs are home to a vegie garden, and the planted retaining wall is home to a variety of herbs.

Up another curved brick stairway is a barbecue patio, and above that is a wooden deck with a sweeping view of the whole yard, as well as the the entire south city. The artistic handrail adorned with curved, copper pipe decorations adds both security and beauty.